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Additional Resources


JupiterEd is your one-stop-shop for all information for academics and up-to-date information on COVID-19. Watch the video to learn how to navigate JupiterEd:




 Select the correct campus in JupiterEd

In JupiterEd, we have two campuses:

  • The Woodlands Classical (K-5)
  • The Woodlands Classical (6-8)

When logging in, please make sure you select the correct campus by selecting the bar below password. See the image to the left.



Pearson Realize

All math instruction and junior high social studies instruction will be assigned from Pearson Realize. Watch the video to learn how to navigate Pearson Realize:





All science instruction will be assigned from STEMscopes. Watch the video to learn how to navigate STEMscopes:




 Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge is used for our K-6th Grade Social Studies curriculum. Parents can access the Core Knowledge Readers for free. Please see the link below.


Study Island

Study Island can be used for additional tutoring or enrichment for students. Watch the video to learn how to access your child's Study Island individual learning path:


1) Digital library for students age 12 and under: Epic!

2) Vocabulary and Spelling Practice: Spelling City

3) Reading website:

4) Science links for fun and references: Mystery Science and Study Jams

5) Catalogue of free resources for at home learning: RES Website Link

6) Other links covering all subjects for fun: Amazing Educational Resources

7) Free Internet Service Installation link:

8) Educational Video Tutorials: